Get to know rare disease patients

Match research-ready members to clinical and real-world studies, faster and smarter than ever before through our data-driven knowledge bank of the rare experience.

Discover how Xperiome can unlock deep insights into patient experience

We have created Raremark, a knowledge bank for the lived experience of rare disease, to help our members better understand, manage, and talk about their rare condition.

Through Raremark we are able to match research-ready members to clinical and real-world studies, unlocking data-driven insights into the rare experience and helping make treatments available faster.


Solutions we provide

From drug development, to post-approval research, through to commercialization; we help pharma get to know rare disease patients and their conditions faster by delivering deep insights into the patient experience.


Accelerate clinical trial timelines by leveraging data-driven insights into the experiences of rare disease patients. Inform study decisions through patient-driven protocol design, accurate and timely feasibility, early adoption of decentralized and hybrid models, and the ability to recruit the right people for your studies with Xperiome’s specialized patient-matching engine.



Gather powerful insights to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments and assess patient satisfaction, longitudinally and across international markets. Access the authentic patient voice and capture real-world data from research-ready individuals.



Demonstrate the true value of medicines and inform marketing strategies through tailored patient segmentation programs. Run targeted campaigns to raise awareness and improve your brand position.